Make your party shine!

Imagination-Based Theme Parties

Clown around with Silly Tassie!  Your guests will do the “Hokey Pokey”, get their faces painted and receive outrageous balloon hats, critters or creations!

 Party games, interactive story, guest-involved puppetry. 

Add Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, a Pirate or a Fairy Princess to your party package — $25 an hour.


Clowning Around Parties

Only Face Painting and Balloons

$75 for 1 hour

$125 for 1 1/2 hours

$150 for 2 hours


Full party with games, prizes, story, face painting, balloons and guitar

$195 for a 3 hour party with up to 20 children

Includes guitar music, clown and a party partner