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Imagination-Based Theme Parties

Safari Sandy takes guests on an adventure, with pockets full of lizards and animal puppets, while she tells the tale of a journey to jungles, rainforests and magical lands. Balloon critters, themed-party games like Hippos in the Mud, camo bags, and a prize-filled scavenger hunt, add to the fun. Safari Sandi finds a gold coin in the birthday child’s ear! Birthday child and guests use puppets while they participate in one of Safari Sandy’s exciting tales!

A grumpy chef puppet joins guests at the end of the party and insists he baked the cake!

Safari Sandy — The Explorer

Text Box: 2 hour party for up to 12 guests

3 hour party for up to 20 guests

Only Face Painting and Balloons 
$75 for 1 hour
$125 for 1 1/2 hours
$150 for 2 hours